The DadThai Way

We are a dedicated team of cannabis growers and wholesalers based in Thailand, committed to raising the bar for Thai-grown cannabis. With years of experience cultivating remarkable crops in the southern region of Thailand, we bring back our expertise in indoor soil-grown organic cannabis from the United States to our homeland. Our mission is to deliver premium-grade cannabis products that showcase the unparalleled potential of Thai-grown strains.

Unleashing the Potential of Growing Cannabis in Thailand.

We recognize the untapped potential of growing cannabis in Thailand. Our team is devoted to exploring the unique characteristics and rich biodiversity of this region, harnessing the natural resources and favorable climate to create an environment where cannabis can thrive. By embracing innovative cultivation techniques and sustainable practices, we strive to unlock the full potential of Thai-grown cannabis, setting new standards of excellence within the industry.

From Soul to Soil

“From Soil to Soul: DadThai’s Passionate Art of Cultivating Exquisite Cannabis”

Growing cannabis is not just a job for us; it’s a true passion. We approach each harvest with an artisan’s touch, carefully hand-trimming and curing our buds to perfection.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Thriving Crops

We prioritize optimal airflow and ventilation in our cultivation facilities, providing plants with a continuous supply of fresh air, maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels, and minimizing the risk of pests or diseases, resulting in healthier and more resilient cannabis crops.

Nurturing Growth from the Ground Up

we understand that the foundation of exceptional cannabis lies in the soil; we meticulously analyze and optimize soil composition, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment that supports healthy root development and robust plant growth.

Fueling Plants with Precise Nutrient Formulations

Through extensive research and ongoing experimentation, our expert growers have perfected nutrient formulations that deliver the precise balance of macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for cannabis plants to thrive, enhancing their growth, flavor profiles, and resin production to create truly remarkable strains.


Slurricane is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch. Slurricane produces relaxing effects that come on slowly. This strain has a sweet flavor profile, with subtle grape and sugary berries. Slurricane is the ideal strain for relaxing after a long day and will likely leave you locked to your sofa. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia.

Skunk No. 1

Skunk #1 is a hybrid marijuana strain that has influenced cannabis on a global scale, parenting a horde of Skunk crosses since it first bloomed in the late 1970s. Sacred Seed Co. originally bred Skunk #1 using diverse genetics from around the world; Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold varieties converged through an intricate selective breeding process that spanned several generations, and finally the genetic cornerstone of countless cannabis hybrids was born.

San Frenando Valley OG

SFV OG, also known as “San Fernando Valley OG,” “San Fernando Valley Kush,” and “San Fernando Valley” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from Cali Connection that is great for patients who need strong pain relief but don’t want to be stuck on the couch. As the name indicates, this OG Kush relative originates from California’s San Fernando Valley. Although their names are barely distinguishable, SFV OG Kush is actually the Afghani-crossed child to SFV OG. Leading with aromatic notes of earthy pine and lemon, its body effects take a little longer to feel than the initial head haziness.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape, propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, is a mostly indica strain that crosses Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety. Its dense, compact buds are wreathed in deep purple leaves which darken as this indica reaches full maturation following its 7 to 8 week flowering time.

Papaya Punch

Papaya Punch is a potent indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Papaya with Purple Punch. Papaya Punch gives users a calming high, perfect for winding down after a day out with friends or a quiet night inside. Papaya Punch has a delicious aroma that smells both fruity and cheesy, thanks to dominant terpenes like caryophyllene and linalool. The flavor is sweet and fruity, making it a tasty flower to roll up without worrying about feeling too stoned or racey. If you love those middle-of-the-road fruity strains, Papaya Punch might be your new favorite.

Mac 1

Mac 1, also known as “The MAC,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects. But Mac 1 is special because not just anyone can grow it. In fact, growers of Mac 1 (Capulator’s Cut) have been carefully selected by the breeder in order to protect the quality of this versitile flower. Mac 1 is an instagram worthy strain, with eye-poppingly gorgeous buds that are nearly white and drenched in milky trichomes. Mac 1 comes through with a smooth, creamy, and funky terpene profile you can enjoy day and night.

“DadThai’s cannabis is a true testament to the authentic spirit of Thailand. Our commitment is to cultivating premium strains, harnessing the richness of our land.” – Jesse

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